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    Product show >>The rubber protects the string

    The rubber protects the string
     Shenlian  Association Company took the North China area biggest rubber product production enterprise, should the customer request research and develop each kind of rubber in the original rubber seal foundation to protect the string, Mainly has YGCH, the conical, DGH, D, DD, DO, the cylinder, the tugboat, the gasification, the rotor drum, drifts, ME, II, ST, the rubber ramp, the moment, W, the fan, the pontoon, the arc of contact, the plastic protects the side and so on 21 series to reach 1000 kinds, Has the drum successively, V, half drum, the float, the gasification and so on 13 series through the provincial level appraisal, is evaluated the Hebei Province science and technology product.
      Product characteristic:
      The rubber protects the side is one kind is suitable for place and so on ships, harbor, wharf protective equipment, can fully absorb dashes when the energy, maximum limit reduces hits the strength, guaranteed hull, wharf stable and integrity, they have following merit:
      A: The reaction small, the surface pressure small, attracts the energy to be reasonable.
      B: The shape is simple, the installment service is convenient.
      C: The ships, the wharf size influence, the use is not been broad.
      D: Rolling and pitching adaptation performance approach shores which to the ships.
      The rubber protects the side mainly to use in the domestic each harbor, the part exports places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia.
    Partial product schematic rawing (Other styles may make to order):
    Super arch-type
    1. attracts the energy high, the reaction is low;
    2. has the higher stress divergence, the service life is long
    3. installments reliable, the replacement is convenient;

    The D rubber protects string
     1, the reaction is moderate, attracts the energy to compare the cylinder rubber to protect the side high
    2, the installment is convenient
    3, because the base width size is small, is suitable installs the use in the frame type wharf and the broad side
    The GD rubber protects string
    1, the reaction attracts can protect the side D to be higher than.
    2, installs the intensity to be high, the service life is long.
    3, is suitable generally for the frame type wharf

    The cylinder rubber protects the string
    1, the spatial cylinder rubber product, is hanging with the chain link and the steel rod in the wharf, the installment service is convenient.
    2, the cylinder rubber protects the side reaction to be low, the surface pressure is small, attracts the energy to be reasonable.
    3, the cylinder rubber protects the side to anchor the time pitching to the ships and rolling compatible.
    4, the cylinder rubber protects the side to be suitable specially for the gravity type wharf and integral-type wharf upside.
    5, the cylinder rubber protects the side to be suitable for each kind of size ships.
    6, installs various formats, may use vertically, forms and so on level, diagonal line


    The U rubber protects the string
    1. reactions, attracts the energy to be moderate;
    2. base widths are small, are suitable the frame type wharf;
    3. installments is reliable, is advantageous for the service;

    The fan rubber protects string
    1, attracts the energy to be big, the reaction is small.
    2nd, suits in the sluice shipyard gate.

    The ME rubber protects string
    1, the reaction is low, attracts the energy to be high.
    2, the basis performance requirement, may combine Cheng Ge to plant the type and the size protects the side system.
    3, when vertical or inclined compression may arrive suitable the performance.

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