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  • Electrical equipment box sealing strip

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  • The ships wharf-harbor uses the rubber product

  • Other entire soft-soft hard oaks model the product

  • Rubber series

    Product show >>Electrical equipment box sealing strip

    Electrical equipment box sealing strip

        Electrical cabinet seal is made with good elasticity and anti-compression deformation, anti-aging, ozone, chemistry, wide temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ +120 ℃)EPDM rubber (EPDM) rubber foam and dense composite, containing unique metal fixture and tongue-shaped buckle, durable in various electrical cabinet plays a key role.

        Sealing frame is made dense rubber, foam rubber and steel / steel joint extrusion together. Also known as EPDM seal (EPDM) - applies to -40 ℃ - +160 ℃ unique environment, with superior resistance to ozone behavior, anti-UV properties, resistance to chemical solvent properties, a variety of physical and chemical performance far beyond similar products, widely used in the body seal and seal construction and other fields, the company that developed and designed different fields of use cold, heat, foam, entities, as well as a special performance can meet the application needs..

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